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Hello to Our Fellow Beings

It's good to be with you again on my (our) new (missionary) blog! I've spent the last few months pondering on what I should do with all the online work I've done over the years. I counted 29 blogs I've done, for various reasons and for a number of causes and people. All have served a purpose for their time. But, up to now, I've been in a quandry as to what to continue to do online. How could I best share things that would uplift others and be worthwhile as well as do what I feel my personal mission online was. I've prayed a lot to know and just this past week have had some clarity as to what I should do. Recently, as I spoke with my beloved new husband, Mike, we decided that this would be the best place to share our missionary journey and experiences. So, we hope this site will be worthwhile to some - and...a place to share our thoughts and messages  that have helped us throughout our lives. Best to you as we undertake this journey together - if an