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10 Things that have Happened since we last Wrote:

Hello Friends, Here are a few things that have happened since our last post: 1. We're doing a new group on Sundays just for our hispanics. We have our own Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School and Relief Society Groups. It has been wonderful so far as these faithful members are now able to teach, and share, and pray, and lead the singing and give talks and bless the Sacrament in Spanish. It has been a great blessing and we pray they will continue to be strengthened and to strengthen one another. 2. English Classes continue. Most nights we have between 6-12 people and do either one or two classes. Transportation is a big challenge for many of them. That is one of the reasons they don't always come. But, when they do, it's great practice for them to learn and converse in English. We have a great time! (last week our topic was 'Ordering at a Restaurant' so we made a little restaurant and a sign "Uncle Mike's Cafe" and we brought hot dogs and salads and de