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10 Life Lessons Learned from Repairing Old Trailers

This past week we have been thinking about some life lessons we can learn from our repair of old, run-down trailers.  :)  Here are a few things we've discussed: 1. If you buy a $500.00 trailer, you'll end up with about $20,000 in problems. Lesson:  Invest yourself in correct principles, don't settle for less. If you live 'cheaply', you'll have a lot of problems and challenges needing repair. 2. Leaks: Lesson:  When you see a leak and leave it it becomes an environment for decay and cockroaches. Un-repented sin festers underneath. Best to fix now rather than later. 3. Cheap stuff has a 'facade' of looking nice in the store but underneath it will not last. Lesson: Looks may be deceiving. It's what's inside that really counts. There's a retired military couple in this area who, over a life-time, have purchased hand-made high-quality furnishings from their time spent in other countries. Those quality furnishings will outlast them.  P