Notes from Stake Conference

We had a visiting General Authority to our Stake Conf. this past weekend. It was wonderful, powerful, incredible and truly edifying! Our Stake Public Affairs person asked me to take copious notes for a newspaper article she was going to put together afterwards, as she was going to be out of town. So, these are some highlights from my notes.  Hope you are blessed, if just in a small way, with some of these messages from a variety of speakers: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Focus on: Strengthening Personal Conversion, Ministering to one another, Seeking Personal Revelation, Staying on the Covenant Path, and Reaching out to Others’. Ministering is ‘a new holier approach’ to helping one another as the Savior lived and taught and ‘to help one another along the ‘Covenant Path’, each step is lead by revelation all along the path.  “Yea, Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him”. The

BEFORE and AFTER Photos; "Trailer Remodels"

Dearest Friends, We love you all and hope you are looking forward to good things in the New Year as we are. We are ever-so-grateful for Prophets of God who lead and guide us and who teach us to be at peace amidst a world in turmoil, #BecauseofHim whom gives us that peace . Now, more than ever, we know that the truths of the gospel are what bring us that calming and reassurance and understanding that all will be well as we follow Him. We are so grateful for the new Come, Follow Me program that has already blessed our lives greatly, and look forward to many days where we can work on becoming ' new creatures ' through Him. Our love to you all! This is month #17 for us. Today, as per some of your request, we're posting some of the before and after photos of some of the work we've done. We think it's symbolic of many of our own lives. We may be in great disarray before but as we allow light and truth to sink deep into our souls - and a true cleansing process t

Hurricane Michael and two months of other information....

Hello all, It's been a while since we posted. Today I'll quickly share a few things we've been doing the past few months. Please forgive our feeble attempts to keep-in-touch. We think of all of you often and love you very much. We've just had some things we needed to get done and...other things (like this) have taken a back seat. So, yes, hurricane Michael hit our mission very hard. It will take years to clean-up. We were finally able to make a trip to Mexico beach a few weeks ago (we'd been asked to stay away as the first-responders needed to reach hardest-hit areas.) Missionaries and church members across several states have been working hard to help with most-urgent clean-up removing debris, getting trees off houses and out of driveways etc. Water and power were out for a while. Some has been restored. It's a sobering scene. We just couldn't get over how much damage had occurred and the many kindnesses of so many who are reaching out to help others.