Happy, Sad, Mad Things

When my children were little, I'd help them write a few sentences in their journals each night at bedtime. It became one of the most wonderful times for me to learn how they were feeling about things. I'd ask "What was your happy thing today?, and sad, and mad'." It really helped me understand what they were going through and gave them a way to express themselves and learn about their own thoughts and feelings.

Thankfully, there weren't too many 'mad' things; and I don't have any of those to share here either, but....I will share a few happy and sad things from our past few weeks.

We've been very busy with the one trailer repair and are almost done. The bathroom and one bedroom are complete and today we're painting the other bedroom and will finish it up next week. It's been a huge undertaking but these people are very thankful and were truly in great need. So, that's made it all worthwhile. (Gratitude)

 Our English Class gra…

Mission Conference with Elder Holland

Words cannot describe the JOY and depth of spiritual understanding that we experienced recently with the visit of Elder Holland to our mission. He was accompanied by Elder Costa and Elder Parker (area authority).

We prepared ourselves spiritually and physically for this awaited day. We knew what a glorious and sacred opportunity was before us. We were fed beyond words and nurtured by the good word of God with messages particular to our mission, our area and our needs. We know that all of them were lead by the Spirit as to what to share. And, that all of us were 'edified and rejoiced together.'

Did I Ever Tell You The Story about The Shoe Shining Experience?

Years ago I served as a missionary in the Mexico, Torreon Mission. It was the greatest blessing and experience of my life. It was also very hard work and very humbling.

When I first arrived I was the only English-speaking sister in the Mission. All my companions were Mexican. (how I loved them!)

For several months I couldn't understand hardly anything and I was far from home and far from the culture and comforts that were familiar to me; and...I didn't have anyone I could talk to about all those things except for the Lord. And, I talked to Him a lot! He became my closest and dearest friend.

And, over time, I came to understand a lot of the language and to love and cherish the culture and the people Mission President. Oh, how I loved him!

On the last night of my mission, we gathered in the home of our beloved President Victor Cerda, who spoke with us and of his gratitude for our service.

He told us how he had been a shoe shine boy on the streets of Mexico City when he…

10 Things that have Happened since we last Wrote:

Hello Friends,
Here are a few things that have happened since our last post:

1. We're doing a new group on Sundays just for our hispanics. We have our own Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School and Relief Society Groups. It has been wonderful so far as these faithful members are now able to teach, and share, and pray, and lead the singing and give talks and bless the Sacrament in Spanish. It has been a great blessing and we pray they will continue to be strengthened and to strengthen one another.

2. English Classes continue. Most nights we have between 6-12 people and do either one or two classes. Transportation is a big challenge for many of them. That is one of the reasons they don't always come. But, when they do, it's great practice for them to learn and converse in English. We have a great time! (last week our topic was 'Ordering at a Restaurant' so we made a little restaurant and a sign "Uncle Mike's Cafe" and we brought hot dogs and salads and desser…

Senior Missionary Blogs and our Daily Walk

I've enjoyed a blog by one of our former ward members in Provo (James Tanner). He and his wife are currently serving a mission in Annapolis, Maryland, digitizing records for family history. He's a remarkable family history expert anyway. I have received great strength from his posts and his messages. You can read his messages here:  Rejoice and Be Exceedingly Glad
(and, isn't that a powerful name? How can we help but be happy to read his words?)

Today we're busy doing some office work and preparing for our afternoon meeting with the Elders. We'll be discussing the new all-Spanish Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School, and Relief Society Meetings which will be held on Feb. 11, 2018, for the first time. We're hoping that by hearing the gospel solely in their own language (not translated) that they will be buoyed up and help to strengthen one another.

It's been a privilege to be here during this time of the world's history. In no other era have we had so much k…

Sharing the Gospel On-Line

So, one of the things I feel most strongly about is using new and revealed technologies for good; to strengthen others and to share the gospel online. I can't even begin to tell you all how strongly I feel about it. I have sometimes felt as Alma who cried:

"O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people! " - Alma 29:1

We DO have a TRUMP; we have so many technologies that have been revealed us to do HIS work and to have our voice be heard further than our own backyard. If we can see them as such we will know that they can be used for MUCH good; and to share positive messages and/or become acquaintances or friends with many who are seeking for greater light and knowledge in their lives.

Here is an EXCELLENT book from Greg Trimble that will teach you all more if you want to know more. He's doing much good - and so can all of us.


The Winds of Change and Bullet Point of Activities

I'm not really sure what that title means except it came to mind as I was deciding what to write about today and it seemed very applicable to what's happening in our lives and on our mission.

So, yes, it's been windy and very, very cold; freezing to be exact. It's a humid cold and seems to get to your very bones. It was warmer all last week in Utah - so we were very happy for the rest of you and grateful for warm blankets and a furnace.

Many in our area live in trailers. One particular elderly hispanic sister lives in dire circumstances and we went to check on her one night that the freeze was coming. We were going to remove her to a friends' home. But, she wanted to stay and told us that she was cooking on her stove and that would bring in a bit of heat. She wanted to stay home.

The next night she called us to come and get her. We took her (and 8 loads of laundry) to an apt. with a friend. She was so grateful as she said she'd not really slept the previous nig…