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Hurricane Michael and two months of other information....

Hello all, It's been a while since we posted. Today I'll quickly share a few things we've been doing the past few months. Please forgive our feeble attempts to keep-in-touch. We think of all of you often and love you very much. We've just had some things we needed to get done and...other things (like this) have taken a back seat. So, yes, hurricane Michael hit our mission very hard. It will take years to clean-up. We were finally able to make a trip to Mexico beach a few weeks ago (we'd been asked to stay away as the first-responders needed to reach hardest-hit areas.) Missionaries and church members across several states have been working hard to help with most-urgent clean-up removing debris, getting trees off houses and out of driveways etc. Water and power were out for a while. Some has been restored. It's a sobering scene. We just couldn't get over how much damage had occurred and the many kindnesses of so many who are reaching out to help others.