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Happy, Sad, Mad Things

When my children were little, I'd help them write a few sentences in their journals each night at bedtime. It became one of the most wonderful times for me to learn how they were feeling about things. I'd ask "What was your happy thing today?, and sad, and mad'." It really helped me understand what they were going through and gave them a way to express themselves and learn about their own thoughts and feelings. Thankfully, there weren't too many 'mad' things; and I don't have any of those to share here either, but....I will share a few happy and sad things from our past few weeks. Happy: We've been very busy with the one trailer repair and are almost done. The bathroom and one bedroom are complete and today we're painting the other bedroom and will finish it up next week. It's been a huge undertaking but these people are very thankful and were truly in great need. So, that's made it all worthwhile. ( Gratitude ) Trailer we&