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Heavenly Father, Are You Really There?

This is a special post from Elder Hendricks.  We continue working on different projects and assignments. Some of the current ones are: We will be  completing our last major fixer upper in a couple of weeks. I am including a photo of demo day and next month we will send a photo of the finish product. I will tell you pictures don't do justice to what we run into-everything from cockroaches to a dead rat. It can be so gross but when you are done you know that you have done something for them that they can't do for themselves. Once a month family home evening is something that the saints really look forward to. Heidi works so hard on this. She cooks the  meal and makes sure every detail is attended to. Our weekly English class is an amazing experience. We have been having about 50 people a week coming and wanting to learn some english. We have made many friends. One young lady ... has been coming for about six months and contacted some missionaries in Mexico wondering