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Mission Highlights - September 2018

Hello all, We're busy as can be. Hoping to be able to get it all done within the next several months. Last Family Home Evening was a special 'cultural evening' decorated with maps and flags from the varying countries represented by our group, favorite foods they prepared to share, and pi ñ atas filled with goodies for the children. We have several creative and artistic ladies who go to a lot of work each month. It has been wonderful to see all they do in service and for the benefit of everyone else. Oh, how we love them. (we're not allowed to post photos of them. sorry.) Very cute Pi ñ ata made by one of our very talented members Had an excellent 1-day Senior's Conference in Tallahassee last weekend. Met with the 14 other couples serving in the mission (two who just arrived). Felt humbled by their presence, their goodness, and their desires to serve. It was one of the highlights of our service here, to mingle with them and to spend a few hours getting to