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Mission Conference with Elder Holland

Words cannot describe the JOY and depth of spiritual understanding that we experienced recently with the visit of Elder Holland to our mission. He was accompanied by Elder Costa and Elder Parker (area authority). We prepared ourselves spiritually and physically for this awaited day. We knew what a glorious and sacred opportunity was before us. We were fed beyond words and nurtured by the good word of God with messages particular to our mission, our area and our needs. We know that all of them were lead by the Spirit as to what to share. And, that all of us were 'edified and rejoiced together.'

Did I Ever Tell You The Story about The Shoe Shining Experience?

Years ago I served as a missionary in the Mexico, Torreon Mission. It was the greatest blessing and experience of my life. It was also very hard work and very humbling. When I first arrived I was the only English-speaking sister in the Mission. All my companions were Mexican. (how I loved them!) For several months I couldn't understand hardly anything and I was far from home and far from the culture and comforts that were familiar to me; and...I didn't have anyone I could talk to about all those things except for the Lord. And, I talked to Him a lot! He became my closest and dearest friend. And, over time, I came to understand a lot of the language and to love and cherish the culture and the people Mission President. Oh, how I loved him! On the last night of my mission, we gathered in the home of our beloved President Victor Cerda, who spoke with us and of his gratitude for our service. He told us how he had been a shoe shine boy on the streets of Mexico Cit