Hurricane Michael and two months of other information....

Hello all,
It's been a while since we posted. Today I'll quickly share a few things we've been doing the past few months. Please forgive our feeble attempts to keep-in-touch. We think of all of you often and love you very much. We've just had some things we needed to get done and...other things (like this) have taken a back seat.

So, yes, hurricane Michael hit our mission very hard. It will take years to clean-up. We were finally able to make a trip to Mexico beach a few weeks ago (we'd been asked to stay away as the first-responders needed to reach hardest-hit areas.) Missionaries and church members across several states have been working hard to help with most-urgent clean-up removing debris, getting trees off houses and out of driveways etc. Water and power were out for a while. Some has been restored. It's a sobering scene. We just couldn't get over how much damage had occurred and the many kindnesses of so many who are reaching out to help others.

whole houses off their foundations
mile after mile after mile of scenes like this
and this

and this
and miles and miles of trees snapped in half. We just couldn't believe the amount of damage.

It has been a terrible disaster but we've also learned of many miracles in many lives and...of the goodness of so many here in the south. We know there is been much suffering and many lives that have been displaced. There are no words to comfort those who have lost all, though love and outreach and empathy can go a long way in relieving some of the pain and lifting those who need a helping hand.

Recent Temple Trip to Atlanta;
We rented a 15-passenger van and wonderful group of 11 faithful members on a 8-hour drive to the Atlanta Temple.  (We drove our car as we needed two vehicles.) We had a very special time with them and...four were able to receive their Patriarchal Blessings in Spanish (the Spanish-speaking Patriarch is in Atlanta). The others participated in sacred Temple ordinances.  We stayed overnight in a hotel and some attended the Temple again in the morning and were all spiritually edified and renewed. How grateful we are for the eternal blessings of the Temple and invite all to ponder and think about receiving these ordinances for themselves.
The van of members in front of us. What a beautiful symbol as we drove towards the Temple.

Pow-Wow in neighboring town of Niceville.
We were asked to help with the Family History Booth. The younger missionaries were wonderful and able to help many people learn more about their own family history (a blessing for us all).

We made a few posters with our own ancestors. It was comforting to feel my Dad with me.
It was neat to experience these Native American traditions and to feel of their great faith and beloved heritage.

This past weekend we attended a wonderful concert with Marvin Goldstein (Jewish to Latter-day Saint) and Vanessa Joy #LighttheWorld in Pensacola.

Before the concert we had the opportunity to climb the tallest lighthouse in the area, 177 steps, and view the glorious panoramic views and learn the history of the lighthouse and view the museum. Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum

almost there....

Worth every step. Stunning!

Yes, I told him he couldn't pass up the opportunity to get his photo taken with Charlie Brown.  :)

A few months ago some of our dear members (one a BYU olympic-class swimmer) took us out on their BYU Cougar boat. We were able to see many dolphins and enjoy the beauties of this area. (NO, we are not always on excursions. To the contrary. These are the exceptions to our daily work - which we don't often photograph.)  :)
Destin, Florida
BYU "Sea Cougar"


Several of our sweet hispanic sisters are helping the other local members to make these ground covers our of grocery bags - for the homeless. It is a great labor of love. The plastic makes them somewhat cushy/comfortable and keeps their body heat in. Other churches in this area also participate in this noble project which takes hours per blanket. Our sweet hispanic sisters who have so little, have been so eager to help others' who also have little. We love them for it.

Handmade crocheted pads for homeless. A true labor of love and sacrifice of time.

We continue to strive to love and serve His children and are grateful for this beautiful reminder.
Thank you all for your examples to us in these efforts.
We love you all,
Elder and Hermana Hendricks


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