Beaches of Fort Walton and Surrounding Areas

We're about 10 minutes from beautiful beach areas of Fort Walton, and a bit further to some tourist areas of Destin, Pensacola, Navarre etc. We often pass the water on our way to our service areas. It's beautiful here and we're posting photos - but it doesn't represent our daily walk. These are photos from the specialty days - which we don't get to very often. But, we wanted you to see how beautiful this area is.  :)

With love,
Elder and Sister Hendricks

After the hurricane - on our way back from gathering materials for a project. We just had to stop. :)

"I am Mike and....this is my world..." (Jesse Waters - for those of you who watch Fox News)  :)

Wow, what glorious colors and peaceful settings we have been given to enjoy - in this world. #Grateful!

Elder Hendricks on the beach. Who knew that we'd ever leave home, mountains, horses, farm, and be near the water?  :)
Beach front homes are in every town. We can see why people come here. The water is calming; the lifestyle 'serene'.


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