A Few Photos of our Adventures

Most of the photos we take are when we're out going somewhere - and not any of the things of normal daily routine such as: morning scripture study, PMG (Preach My Gospel study- oh how we love both of those, our language study-spanish, our daily walk when we can fit it in, our daily planning and preparations, out visiting people in their homes, going on lessons with the other missionaries, teaching our English Classes here and in the neighboring town, or attending our weekly district meetings with the other 6 Spanish-speaking Elders in our area, Zone Conferences, Family Home Evenings, the monthly spanish newsletter we make and mail out, our outreach to the greater community for English and Self-Reliance classes, Christmas gifts for those in need, shopping with some darling girls to help get them some needed basic clothes, working with some of the dear hispanics in this area to help fix up some of their homes etc.

Most of these photos represent something 'out of the usual' but hope they will give you a taste of the area and some of the work to which we are about.

Our love to you all.
Sister (and Elder) Hendricks

Air Force Armament Museum. Really neat!!!

Day after Thanksgiving we took a field trip with Riley and Gina to AirForce Museum. 
Elder Hendricks 'on the job'. Doing roof that was leaking.
Putting in a new window. We had to replace the wall and rotted wood.

Day after Thanksgiving on Pensacola Beach w/family. Beautiful beach


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