Wow, how the month has flown....

I'm sorry to say that it's been almost a month since I last posted. The good part of that is that we've been extremely busy. The sad part is that you probably don't know how much we love and care about you all and keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

 I saw this in a store a few weeks ago. It was just too cute not to share. :)

I caught a cold a few days ago and it's been miserable. But, that means that today I had a little time to write so....all things serve a purpose.  :)

Elder Hendricks is at Home Depot - (one of his favorite places) getting a few more items so we can continue our 'construction' work today. :)  Despite a runny nose, we've been working very hard the past few days (weeks actually) to get as much done before we leave next Thursday for Utah and for Amber and Zack's wedding! (yay) We are SO happy for them.

We know that you, too, are all very busy. We are grateful when we here from you (a few of you) and for your love and support and kindness. It means a lot.

We're not 'young' missionaries but are thinking we're nearly as busy as they are. We haven't had a p-day (preparation day) in a while as there is just too much to get done. But, we are able to end a bit earlier in the evenings than they do - which we're grateful for as we need that time to regroup and recover. :)

Our love and admiration and appreciation for these young Elders (and sisters) has skyrocketed. They are so faithful and diligent and hard-working and go from 6:30 am (a few hrs. of personal, exercise, breakfast, get-ready and personal and companion study time in the mornings ) and they go all day until 9:00 or 9:30 p.m. each day- with the sole purpose of trying to help others' come unto Christ and partake of His goodness, peace, love and promised blessings.

Sometimes, as we talk about it with them, we all wonder 'why would anyone NOT want those blessings?"

Our hearts go out to ALL of our brothers and sisters here in this area. We are saddened when they don't even know that we are all truly brothers and sisters, children of a LOVING Heavenly Parents whose only desire is for our well-being and blessing. They want us to come back home to them and have provided the means and the way - but, we are often too prideful or hard-hearted or stubborn to be humble enough to find out what that means and how to achieve it. Living by 'faith' is a test of our humility and submissiveness; all necessary qualities and characteristics needed to enjoy eternal blessings.

I sometimes weep because I so much want others to enjoy the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ - but they don't seem to care. It breaks my heart that they don't want the blessings that they could have nor the peace and guidance that brings such GREAT peace here and eternal joy in the world to come.

Anyway, my heart breaks for them but all I can do is to try to emulate Him, His love for them, and do all I can to love and serve them.

That's not been too hard; to love them. We love SO MANY here. There are so many who are suffering and struggling and we LONG for them to come unto Him and partake of all He is offering. And, when they do, or when they even start along that path or partake in any part of that, we are SO filled with joy for them. Our hearts then weep for JOY that they have partaken and 'tasted' of His goodness.

Anyway, as we ponder on the life and teachings of Christ - and our desire to emulate Him so that we can become more like Him - we are able to participate in this years' #LighttheWorld 'campaign'. These videos are incredible (25 SHORT videos for 25 SIMPLE things we can each do to make the world a bit of a better place for someone else this season).  I hope you'll all watch them.

Lots of love to you all from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and surrounding areas.

Sister (and Elder) Hendricks


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