Using Social Media to Share the Gospel Online

I have a deep and abiding love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and His teachings. For many years I have wanted to share the things that I know to be true. The new tools of technology coupled with the Spirit of the Lord, and sincerity, are powerful ways to lift and bless one another.

I am grateful for those people that post meaningful and uplifting things online. That is the purpose, I believe, and the reason these tools have been revealed to us in this day and age.

On a recent plane flight I was able to read Greg Trimble's new book "The Virtual Missionary" that I had felt strongly prompted to purchase a few weeks earlier. I wept as I read his words, the exact words that I feel and am driven to do.

I'm SO grateful for tools that help us learn and share truths

He quotes scripture and modern-day Prophets who teach of the influence we can be for good, and of our personal responsibility to share the gospel with those who 'know not where to find it'.

For over 12 years now (I actually think it's been at least 15 but I deleted much of my early work in blogging) I have done a variety of blogs, FB sites and groups, twitter accounts, and pinterest pages to try to do my part to 'help fill the world with light and truth' and because, from the depths of my soul, I wanted to do it.

It has been a joy to do so and I invite all of you to consider ways you can use these new (revealed) technologies for doing MUCH GOOD in the world.

There is a place for ALL of us to do good online and to try to help make the world a better place for others'.

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