10 Things that have Happened since we last Wrote:

Hello Friends,
Here are a few things that have happened since our last post:

1. We're doing a new group on Sundays just for our hispanics. We have our own Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School and Relief Society Groups. It has been wonderful so far as these faithful members are now able to teach, and share, and pray, and lead the singing and give talks and bless the Sacrament in Spanish. It has been a great blessing and we pray they will continue to be strengthened and to strengthen one another.

2. English Classes continue. Most nights we have between 6-12 people and do either one or two classes. Transportation is a big challenge for many of them. That is one of the reasons they don't always come. But, when they do, it's great practice for them to learn and converse in English. We have a great time! (last week our topic was 'Ordering at a Restaurant' so we made a little restaurant and a sign "Uncle Mike's Cafe" and we brought hot dogs and salads and desserts for them to order. And, paper money from the dollar store for them to pay. It was a lot of fun and we all got the giggles when one of the older ladies refused to give her server "Uncle Mike" a tip. :) She finally relented and gave him all of the rest of her fake dollars. It was a great time to laugh and enjoy their sweet company.)

3. One of our Elders had a younger brother pass-away so we drove him to Tallahassee to go home for the funeral. He had been asked to speak. It was a tender time and he had prayed about what to do. He was needed there for his strength and example. We were glad to get him back as he still has work here to do.

4.  Family Home Evening (Noche de Hogar) has been a big success. We often have 40 people at this monthly event. Our purpose is several-fold; to teach them how to run their own FHE, to teach truths to strengthen them, to give them all a chance to participate, to socialize and get to know one-another and to bring their friends with them. We are grateful for this program as it's been one of the greatest blessings since we've been here. And, they love coming and we love them coming!

5.  We've been able to help a very faithful young man - to enroll in a full-time English program in Provo. He is a returned missionary from Honduras and was really praying what to do with his life next. We felt prompted that we were to help him and we've seen miracles already in how that is going to bless his family's life. We have felt very humbled to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord - in helping someone worthy - whom the Lord put in our path for that very reason. No greater joy than to know that our service will bless upcoming generations.

6.  We are in a new English-speaking district now. They moved the Spanish Elders from one of the towns in our area - and closed that area for now. So, they put us all back with the English group here in Fort Walton - and there are now 12 of us in this district. 6 Elders, 4 Sisters and us. 4 of the Elders are Spanish-speaking like us - so we get to work with them frequently and we love them all so much.

7.  Stake Conference was held and we had a visiting authority; Elder Bluth. It was a wonderful conference in Crestview where we were also taught well by our Mission and Stake Presidents. It was glorious to gather with the Saints in this area and to worship together.

8.  Elder Hendricks has had some dental work done so, on those occasions of going to another town, we sometimes take a scenic route home. Recently we drove to a place called Defuniak Springs and were able to enjoy some of the beautiful surroundings as well as drive through historic downtown and learn a bit of the history of the area.

Elder Hendricks in front of The Chautauqua Hall of Brotherhood 
Chautauqua Hall of Brotherhood

Historic Homes in Defuniak Springs

Beautiful Historic Home

Defuniak Springs

Sister Hendricks at Defuniak Springs
9. Valentine's Day we decided upon Fondue for our dinner out. It was a memorable experience though next time we won't choose a holiday for a dinner out as it was really busy. But, it was fun to try something new and have a night out. (As Seniors, we get those from time to time.) :)

Our beautiful view from a Restaurant Window
10. Last weekend we took two sisters and went to Atlanta Temple. We met two other carloads there and spent Saturday doing the work for one of the Sister's Grandparents (that was very very special to do for her) and then the sealing of another to their father who had passed away several years ago. It was truly a sacred experience for us all to be there and to help those who are not able to do the work for themselves. (Elder Hendricks did the baptismal ordinance in Spanish and it was a BEAUTIFUL experience for us all.)

We are so grateful to be here, grateful for your love and support and examples and we KNOW that this work to which we are about is "our Father's business" and we hope and pray and strive to be all we can to be in His service. We love His children and pray that the things we do will strengthen and bless and help them - as others' have helped us in our lives. We are all here to lift one another.

One of Elder Hendricks favorite statements is:
Me Lift Thee and Thee Lift Me and We'll Ascend Together.

That is our prayer.
Sister (and Elder) Hendricks


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