Happy, Sad, Mad Things

When my children were little, I'd help them write a few sentences in their journals each night at bedtime. It became one of the most wonderful times for me to learn how they were feeling about things. I'd ask "What was your happy thing today?, and sad, and mad'." It really helped me understand what they were going through and gave them a way to express themselves and learn about their own thoughts and feelings.

Thankfully, there weren't too many 'mad' things; and I don't have any of those to share here either, but....I will share a few happy and sad things from our past few weeks.

We've been very busy with the one trailer repair and are almost done. The bathroom and one bedroom are complete and today we're painting the other bedroom and will finish it up next week. It's been a huge undertaking but these people are very thankful and were truly in great need. So, that's made it all worthwhile. (Gratitude)

Trailer we've been working on.

Bathroom is done

The Elders (missionaries) came and helped to put in bedroom floor

They are always so willing to help. We're grateful for them all.

Our little friend who walks around while we are working.

Precious children whom we love!

 Our English Class graduates decided they wanted to go bowling for their celebration. We had so much fun. Some of them had never bowled in their lives nor even been in a bowling alley. That was humbling. A good time was had by all.  :)

English Class Graduates of Level 2

Bowling :)

We hadn't had a p-day (preparation day) in about a month so....before our dear friends another senior couple serving in a neighboring town returned home to Idaho, we went out on a 1 1/2 hr. 'Dolphin Cruise'. It was a nice break and truly beautiful! There is a reason they call this the "Emerald Coast". The waters are incredibly beautiful and the beaches are fine, white sand. We hope this will give you a glimpse of that and of the neat experience it was to see the Dolphins. Really special experience.

This is why they call it the Emerald Coast!

This was really special to see. There were many dolphins out that day. 

Received excellent training on Family History from Elder and Sister Price, the Senior Couple serving as family history consultants for the whole mission (outstanding missionary couple from Rexburg, Idaho) as well as two men from the church's family history dept. in SL. (one of whom is a good family friend so that was really really special for us.)

With Elder and Sister Price - Beloved Family History Missionaries

Elder Hendricks showing the missionaries part of his own personal history (a video he was in for the church) :)

We have learned so much from the Senior Couple and seen so many of their great sacrifices to do this work. Their whole goal is to help people connect or reconnect with their families, share FAMILY STORIES, learn about their ancestors and provide blessings for them. All are strengthened and blessed by doing so. (Society is only as strong as the strength of it's families.)

* We all matter. We all need CONNECTION- RootsTech 2018

Elder Hendricks spent his 70th birthday in these family history training meetings. We provided a nice lunch for all and then had a birthday cake for dessert. Elder Hendricks children all called him that evening... so he felt loved. :)

Very special cake from one of the dear members in our Spanish group.

Birthday gift from one of the dear sisters!

Birthday hugs from these little ones who run up and hug us every day we work on trailer

The Stake President came to a recent Sunday meeting of ours. We were so touched that he'd care so much about these people! And..he shared his testimony in Spanish. (he had two years of Spanish in high school). It has been really remarkable to see and feel the growth of these people we have come to know and love so much. And, we are all trying to find the best ways to help them continue to progress and grow and be able to serve.

Family Home Evening "Noche de Hogar" for Easter. After our pot-luck dinner (we provided the main dish of ham, 'funeral potatoes', green salad and my Mom's butterscotch Rice Kripsie treats (she passed away last April 6th, so was very close to my heart that day and those treats reminded me of her) we shared a short lesson about the life and example and Atoning Sacrifice of the Savior for us, and then had a little easter activity for the children.

Easter FHE and Activity

SAD: farewell to our beloved Nora from Venezuela (how we love her)

Butterscotch Rice Krispie Treats

General Conference was a HIGHLIGHT of our life. We can't remember a Conference quite like it in our whole lifetime. It was powerful, humbling, inspiring, spirit-filled, awe-some, and life-changing. We are SO thankful for a Prophet of God to lead and guide us in these latter-days. We KNOW the Lord works through His Prophets (Amos 3:7) to show us the way to peace and happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come.

First Presidency of the Church
Along with millions of others', we share our witness that we KNOW for ourselves, independent of any other, that these things are true. That the Lord HAS, once again, reestablished his church here upon the earth, that we are his beloved sons and daughters, and ALL that He does, is for our benefit; to help His children find their way back home again. All we have to do is to obey. Please let us all try to do so. One of our greatest heartaches (SAD) is to see those we love - not choose the right way.

Our love to you all.
Elder and Sister Hendricks


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