Marriage is Forever - Not only until 'Death Do Us Part"

So, we're down to posting only about once-a-month. Sorry about that. And, this month Elder Hendricks is going to write the message home, soon. He's been so busy on a new project that he hasn't had the time yet. But, he plans to shortly.

In the meantime, I'll share a few things he probably won't, and he can add more later.

A dear friend came to Florida for a wedding so we took him to the "Emerald Coast" for a few minutes. It is truly beautiful.

Today I received a sweet email from an Elder in this mission who was writing home (and includes us in his letters). He is one of our special missionaries who served here for a few months and we love him! I was so  touched by what he wrote that I wanted to share with the rest of you.

This is his message:
"Hey everyone! 
So, something really awesome happened this week. There's a lot to this story, but the short version is this.
The English missionaries in (a town in Alabama) referred us to a part member family in their ward, with a mom "S", a dad "J", and two small children. The mom is 'less active' and the dad is not a member, and does not speak English. We went to go visit them, and we learned more about them. They were talking to each other one day about how in most churches, when people get married, they say, "till death do you part." She casually commented that in the church she grew up in, they marry people not only for this life, but forever. Not much happened for the next few days, but then out of the blue a few days later, "J" said, "Hey, let's go to your church so they can marry us for forever." She explained that it wasn't that simple, and that it required steps, but he just had an attitude of, "Hey, let's just do whatever it takes." So we met with them and we asked "J" if he would be baptized so that he could be sealed to his family forever,  he said yes! Then "S"said, "Well, that's a big commitment," and started listing off all the things he had to do or could not do if he were baptized, and then he just looked at her and said something like, "Well, it's something that I want to do, what about you?" She said OK, and now they're working on being able to be sealed together as a family forever.
Those are the experiences that make this work amazing. 
Hope y'all have a great week! 
Elder ______"

This is the glorious work to which we are about; the salvation of all of God's children. He wants all of us to come unto Him and to be made more pure and holy because of Him and to make the covenants with Him that are eternal so that He can bless us not only in this life but also in the life to come. 
We CAN'T do it Without His help. HE is the vital part of the plan. Without Him we can do nothing but with Him we can do 'all things'. 

I know for myself that these things are true and I will tell you that all of the other things, concerns and cares of the world, become nothing when we are engaged in His work. The other worries seem to fade away when we are focused on Him.

Elders sang to the sisters who were leaving. Tender day. 
Fort Walton District (we love them, 2 sisters were heading home, one Elder being transferred to new area) 

One of my favorite scriptures that teaches of this is: Doctrine and Covenants 88:67
"And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things."

That is one of my great desires; to always have my eye (desires, heart) focused on Him and His work and glory so that He can teach me more and that I can comprehend the things of God. Oh, how I desire that with my whole soul and work towards that everyday. 

"In the scriptures, the eye is often used as a symbol of a person’s ability to receive the light of God. Symbolically, a person’s eye also shows spiritual condition and an understanding of the things of God." --See also: Eye

During 'Self Reliance" class for adults, we got to tend children for a few hours. We were thankful for help from the Elders!

Elder Hendricks was given this gift from the sister whose trailer we've been working on. :)


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