We've Moved Across the Street - (AND Before and After Photos)

Hello friends,
We've moved (across the street). Bottom line is that it's quieter and we're able to sleep better now. :)

Quick rundown:
Due to some knee problems for Elder Hendricks, we're swimming in the mornings now instead of walking. We wished we'd thought of this months ago.  We have to pool to ourselves at 6:30 am and it's been a pleasant and good workout.

Overlooking pool from our back patio
This is the view as we walk out our front door; a cement plant. :)

This is how we get our groceries up several flights. Ha.  :)

Kitchen area (if any of you care)  :)

Our living area. More space for meetings and meals with missionaries.
"His Eye is on the Sparrow"

Ashley sent us this beautiful message and painting. We are SO grateful!

We've will finish painting the one trailer this week and then be DONE!!! Yay!!! It's been a LOT of hard work, sweat and tears, but...good to be done and know that we truly helped someone in need.

Kitchen before (we'd already taken lots of stuff out)

Kitchen Before - floors and walls rotted at base
It's all the stuff 'underneath' that takes all the time and labor to repair. 
Kitchen - after. No leaks, no cockroaches, new floors, walls, cabinets, wiring. Safe and study. 

We have an outstanding group of missionaries in our district right now. 4 Elders, 4 Sisters and us. We have a weekly 'district counsel' on Tuesdays mornings which includes a 10-15 min. Conf. call with the Mission Pres. and the whole mission. He shares training information as well as powerful messages from his own life and invites several sets of missionaries to share experiences they've had the previous week. It's a way we all feel united as missionaries and can learn from one another.

English classes are going well. Elder Hendricks taught last week and did a wonderful job. We think he's now been 'hired' on for the job.  :)

Tonight we'll have a "Noche de Hogar' (Family Home Evening) at the church as we have a missionary from Colorado who served here last year and he and his family came back on a visit and they wanted to see more people. So, I'm doing taco salad, watermelon and an oatmeal cake (which, sadly, was in the oven a bit too long while I ran to get other groceries this morning. Oh well, that happens. We just coat it with that yummy coconut pecan frosting and....all will be well. :)

Thanks for the love and support from some of you. We appreciate it and it helps when the days seem difficult or we're tired.

Love you all.
Hermana and Elder Hendricks

Just a quick stop the other day while on the road.
A photo from the same place just behind us. Overlooking Destin 'bay'?  


  1. Wonderful to see your pictures and new apartment. You did a great job on the trailer. Looks wonderful. I have the privilege of praying for you by name every day. We love you and love to hear from you with pictures, etc. Marian

  2. So wonderful to read your newsletter. I love the painting and poem that Ashley sent you. What a beautiful family you are and have! I will always love the Allens. I'm glad you have the pool. I'm not surprised that you have it to yourselves at 6:30 in the morning! :) I love love love what you did with the motor home. That's amazing. What a gift of service! God's hands. I remember you singing a song about God's hands. I believe I had it on tape and listened to it on my mission? It's nice to have pictures because now we can place you in your house or outside when we hear your stories? And last but not least, I would LOVE the recipe for your oatmeal cake and coconut pecan frosting! Maybe you can post it here and send me a notice? It would be another service :) <3 <3 <3 Love you! Thank you for your testimonies and your time and for sharing your experiences with us.


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